Book Review: She Makes It Look Easy by Mary Beth Whalen

How many times have I looked at another woman and thought to myself, "Boy, does she have it all together. . .If only I could do things as well as she does. . .She makes it looks easy!" I bet you've had a time or two when you've had those same thoughts. But is everything really as wonderful as it appears for any of us?

She Makes It Looks Easy by Mary Beth Whalen explores the thoughts and daily life of two neighbor women as they get to know each other. Ariel is the mom of 3 boys who struggles with staying on top of housework, moving and parenting her 3 boys while her husband travels with his job.

Justine is the neighbor that Ariel moves next to in the neighborhood that Ariel thinks is "perfect." Ariel also thinks Justine is just about perfect. She can keep her house clean, care for 2 girls, volunteer at church, whip up gourmet meals and look perfect all the while she is doing it. . .But is everything what it appears to be? This book is well worth the time to read it and find out.

I enjoyed this book because Marybeth throws in some of those thoughts that I have certainly had and she adds a wonderful dash of humor to the mix. The book is based on some serious topics. . .but if you consider some of these situations, it may just help you see your own life in a better light. I highly recommend it.


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