Book Review: Right From the Heart by Bryant Wright

Right From the Heart: Turning Your Day Toward God by Bryant Wright is a beautiful devotional book that offers a Bible verse and reading for every day of the year. I wasn't familiar with this author but he is pastor of a large Baptist Church in Atlanta and Founder of Right From the Heart Ministries.Wright offers some meaty encouragement for living the Christian life in our world today in each short reading. He covers timeless Christian topics such as eternal security, facing trials, witnessing and just about every aspect of living the Christian life. He also offers devotions with insights on buzzword topics that relate to our world today--such as adultery, tolerance, pornography--and shares Scripture and a solid Christian view on these topics. Several devotions also include historical references showing the reader that some of these issues we have been dealing with throughout the ages. These devotions are written to provide a short meaningful time with the Lord each day.

I could easily read this devotional daily throughout the year and find myself challenged to live the Christian life better each day. I received this book from Booksneeze as an e-book on my e-reader device for the purpose of review. I liked having a devotional on my e-reader to start the day or to even read an extra to keep my focus on God when I had a few minutes. I also think the hard copy is a beautifully bound book that I wouldn't hesitate to give as a gift to either a new Christian or the believer that has been walking with Christ for years. The content seems to work well for both and it seems to stand up next to the classics for solid Biblical teaching. I highly recommend this book for daily readings.

I received this book from the Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program free of charge. I was not required to give a positive review.

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