Book Review: Waterfall: A Novel by Lisa T. Bergren

Waterfall: A Novel is geared for young adults. . .but this 40-something mom had a hard time putting it down too. . .Gabi and Lia are the teen aged daughters of archaeologists. . .a couple of bored girls that are stuck poking around dig site areas in Italy while their mom continues to search for the "big dig." One day, against the rules, the girls decide to venture inside a tomb and end up traveling back in time to the 14th century. While both girls travel back in time, Gabi arrives first with Lia a little behind her. From the moment Gabi gets out of the tomb and sees the handsome Marcello, she is irresistibly drawn to him. . .although he is betrothed to another girl, which lends to the plot full of twists and turns. . .sword fights and other challenges. I laugh out loud when I hear Gabi share her modern day views on this medieval era--and I imagine how I would feel if I were in her shoes. I won't say much more about the plot, except it is fast moving and can't wait for book 2.

This book is the first of a 3-part River of Time series. Book 2 is called Cascade and book 3 is called Torrent. I've already started Cascade and hope to soon get Torrent. This wonderful adventure of modern girls in the 14th century has had me laughing out loud, holding my breath till they get out of trouble and doing some thinking about which century I would rather live in. . .
I ordered this book through Amazon for my Kindle.


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