Book Review:Listen to the Animals by William L. Coleman

Listen to the Animals is subtitled as a "Devotional for families with young children." This devotional offers animal stories about around 50 types of animals, as well as other parts of God's creation. Monkeys, skunks, dolphins, snakes, jaguars are just a few of the many animals that are included in this book. Some of the devotionals are about other things like the sun, the ocean and eggs of various animals. A reader has to get into the book to discover that it is not all animal as that isn't included in the description. In any case, we found them to all be pretty interesting whether they were about animals or other things. Each devotion ends with 3 questions, a scripture verse and a thought to pray with your family to God. In our family, we have fun seeing who can remember the answer to the questions first--which makes for quiet and good listening skills being developed.

I was given this book from someone that had a family that outgrew it. It is older, as in it was published in 1979, but the readings are timeless. It worked for us as a bedtime devotional and we also went through a time where we read it after supper. It kept my 9 year old boy's interest and it wasn't too preachy but offered enough spiritual insight at the end that he left with something to think good to think about.


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