Great Loose Tea on the Go

I don't know about you, but if you are a teadrinker, it isn't easy finding a good cup of tea when you are on the road. I've had some good ones and then I've had some that I could barely drink. When Border's closed in our nearby community, I found this great tea-on-the-go travel cup. I like loose tea so thought I could use the basket to brew my favorite teas on the go. Yesterday I gave it a try. Last Saturday, I had picked up a bag of Yorkshire Gold loose tea from a British Shop that I like to visit. I brewed a travel cupful of this to start with. My first try, I thought this looked bigger than my usual mugs I have tea in, so I put in 1 1/2 teaspoons of loose tea in the basket and poured my hot water over the top. . .I learned 2 things. . .Number 1 was that that was  1/2 teaspoon too much tea for my tastes. Secondly, that I needed to pour the water slowly as it quickly over shot the basket and I had loose tea in my water. But this particular travel cup has a sort of sippy top with very small holes that kept out my wandering leaves so it worked out anyway and I could drink it just fine.

For my next try, I brewed a teaspoonful of Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles in my basket. I poured the water more carefully. The leaves are little bigger in this blend too so it all worked out great--as you can see inside my basket in the last picture. I am not usually a fan of flavored green teas but I do like this Tiesta Tea blend. It tastes naturally good and doesn't have an artificial fruity flavor. I really liked it.

For my travel loose tea cup, I am happy with it. This one is made of BPA-free plastic, double walled. I can hold on to it well. I can see using this with bags of tea, too, because I wouldn't have to fish down to the bottom for a bag (one that is sans string like Tetley British Blend, which I also enjoy).

How do you do tea on the go?


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