Journaling: My everyday life in pretty covers

I've kept a diary or journal since I was in elementary school. In 4th grade, I got a diary for Christmas and I started writing down things that happened and boys I thought were cute and all that kind of thing. Over the years, my thoughts and my life has changed but throughout it all, except for one year, I wrote on a daily basis.

My first blank books were those diaries with a page already dated for every day. That was okay except some days I wanted to write more and other days I was silly enough to write, "Nothing important happened today." Now, I'm older, and hopefully wiser, and I see important things in the little things--like the goldfinches were at the feeder today or I talk about my relationship with God on that day. But all in all, I have reached a point where no matter what I write, I like to have pretty journals to write in. In fact, as I start to reach the end of one journal, I can hardly wait to get to the next one. . . I anticipate the next pretty cover. . .and I anticipate filling that crisp new book with new adventures and better thoughts. . .even though it won't work out that way every day for real life is a mixture of both the good and the bad as we all know.

I had been thinking about my pretty journals over this past week for a couple of reasons: 1. I just started a new journal (the Ellie Claire angel journal) and 2. I read a post by Holley Gerth where she felt God telling her to rip out a page of her journal. . .and I wondered, would I like to rip out a page of my pretty journal? I'm still mulling that over. . .How about you, do you use pretty journals?


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