Book Review: Nearing Home: Life Faith and Finishing Well by Billy Graham

Billy Graham on Nearing Home: “In this book I invite you to explore with me not only the realities of life as we grow older but the hope and fulfillment and even joy that can be ours once we learn to look at these years from God’s point of view and discover His strength to sustain us every day. I pray that you and I may learn what it means not only to grow older, but, with God’s help, to grow older with grace ”

Billy Graham, who is 92 at the time he wrote Nearing Home, says he never expected to live to be so old. Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well by Billy Graham, is an encouraging read for not only elderly people but for anyone on the path of growing older. This book offers some advice on the practical matters of growing older such as retirement, end of life planning, dealing with the effects of aging. Graham shares scriptural examples and examples from his own life on aging that offer encouragement as well as things to consider as you face your own aging challenges either now or in the future.

Most importantly, Nearing Home offers spiritual encouragement to readers. There are numerous Bible verses related to every topic discussed in the book. Graham shares how important it is that your life is based on solid scriptural principles and that you live out those principles as best you can. The last part of the book offers a clear message of salvation for those who do not know Christ as well as a message of hope as to what heaven will be like for those who do accept Him. He does get a little redundant towards the end about some spiritual issues but I think this is because he knows how important it is eternally.

I recommend this book for anyone to read, whether elderly or not, as it offers many good points on living a Godly life. It would also make a good gift of encouragement for an older person whether they are Christian or not.

I received an electronic copy of this book to review from Thomas Nelson through their Booksneeze program. I was not required to write a positive review.


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