Book Review: I Am Second by Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett

The sub-title to this book is Real Stories. Changing Lives. That phrase sums it all up in a nutshell. This is a book of testimony after testimony of real people who went through all sorts of challenging experiences but in the end realized that they needed to give their lives to Christ and live for Him.
I Am Second includes stories are from names that you will recognize such as famed singer and song-writer Michael W. Smith and Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton. Other stories may come from names you won’t recognize but the all of the stories are well-written and compelling. They tell about people who have gone from living for booze, drugs, sex, money and the things that the world has to offer and coming up empty to knowing that only God can fill them. All of the stories offer hope and encouragement to those who end up putting God first in this me-first world we live in--"Becoming second means recognizing God is first."

When I received this book, I was not familiar with this movement or the website, At the end of each chapter, readers are invited to use an android phone app, if you have one, to read and listen to other similar stories. It would be a great book to share with a non-Christian who is struggling in any of these issues. As a trained journalist, I like that it offers real stories from real people. But as a Christian, I like it even more. As the stories show in this book, it isn't about a religion, it is about a relationship and sharing that relationship with those around you. Sometimes we need help sharing that relationship and this is a good source. It is also a good reminder on those down days we sometimes have, that we are not alone and that God is with us if we put him first. The website listed in the book also offers many other resources for those interested in this movement.

I received this book through Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for reading the book.


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