Book Review: Building Family Ties with Faith, Love and Laughter by Dave Stone

Dave Stone writes a book that feels like a personal conversation with a warm, family loving pastor. I enjoyed Dave's personal stories backed up with Scripture on real-life topics sure to strengthen any family that would take them to heart.

The book starts out by encouraging families to create a family mission statement. I didn't grow up in a Christian home but we want to have a close family that lives for Christ. We had never thought about doing this but I can see where it would help unify the family and clarify everyone's directions in daily life. What a great idea!. . .My family is in the process of creating ours. Developing a mission statement helps companies and organizations succeed so Stone reasons that a mission statement can also help families form a clear vision and succeed. He recommends that everyone be involved in the process instead of just imposing a mission statement on your kids. "Everyone takes ownership. Everyone is invested in the outcome," Dave says. I think this is a great idea and wish we had done this years ago. 

The rest of the book contains topics such as contentment, security, loyalty, gratitude, spontaneity, communication, and  others. I found Dave's personal anecdotes, related Scripture and other stories to be encouraging at times and gently convicting at others. I found this book to be helpful to our family and one we will refer to again and again. I would encourage any Christian wanting to build a stronger family life to read this book. It is the second in a series with the first book being "Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord."

I received this book from Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program. I was not required to write a positive review.


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