DVD Art Project: Poppy Collage (Curriculum Review)

For our homeschool art class we recently completed an art project with Master Artist Pat Knepley called Poppy Collage. . .with the intent to make a flower collage in the style of artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

This is a DVD in the series from See The Light:

There are 4 complete step-by-step lessons on the DVD, with each lesson lasting around 20 minutes per session. At the end of the DVD, we had a completed project and we knew about the artist whose style we used as an example for our project. In our case, Georgia O'Keeffe. In each lesson we learned some of the history of how Georgia started painting, where she studies, what her paintings were like and more. The lessons were interesting and Pat is an enthusiastic teacher. As a Christian, it was great to see her tie in a bit of Scripture with each lesson. The recommended age is over 10. . .My 11-year old son enjoyed the project and learning about the artist. It seemed to be right-on with his skill level. I made a project too along side him because art was a favorite subject and you're never too old to learn, right? These are our completed projects.

Next year, I would like to get more of Pat's DVDs. There are 9 available in the Art Projects series. Pat also has an Art Class DVD set available that teach the basics of art. It is like bringing an art teacher into your home as she demonstrates each technique step by step and integrates art history and Biblical truth. For more Bible teaching there is also a series that explore Bible stories through art. Basic art supplies are the only other thing you need with each lesson. I would recommend this series to any other homeschool family wanting to do art at home.

I received a copy of this DVD as a Gabby Mom. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for this product.


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