Window Dream/Momento Board

For my new office space at our new-to-us house, I wanted something different for a bulletin board. I went to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 looking at the boards they had. . .but instead of buying a board, I realized I had a new use for an old window sitting in storage. The window wasn't just any old window. . .this window came out of the attic of my grandparents' house before it was torn down. My grandparents have both passed away so I thought this project would give me both something useful and a keepsake.

My office is yellow and I wanted purple accents so I got a can of Glidden Victorian Purple paint from Home Depot. My husband helped me do this project as he thought it was kind of fun too. . .We removed the glass. Then I painted the frame purple.

After I painted the frame, we attached chicken wire to the back of the picture with a staple gun. . .and my husband put to narrow pieces of wood on top of that so it stuck out from the wall enough to use clothespins to hang up papers, notes, stamps, etc. . .We also put two eyes on the top to put nails through. . .My husband found the studs on the wall so we could safely hang it up above my desk. It works great with some antique plastic clothespins that I had saved back.

I'm so excited to have a keepsake that is also my dream board/momento board!


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