Book Review: More or Less by Jeff Shinabarger

How much is enough? I have been on a journey the past couple of years to figure that out for myself. Recently, I found this book by Jeff Shinabarger to be an interesting read. I grew up in a family that valued the American Dream and thought more was better--like many families I know. Yet, I found that having more and more of stuff didn't satisfy me. In More or Less, Jeff shares his personal story, but he also challenges you to think about your own story and how much is enough in your own life.

Jeff shares several experiments that he and his wife did to see how much was enough in their lives in various areas: food, clothes, presents for special occasions, and unused gift cards, among others.One of their early "enough" experiments was to see if they could live one month on the food in their pantry. . .which they easily did--although  Jeff admits it may not have been the healthiest eating plan he's ever done. I felt like we did something similar as we ate the food we had in our pantry before moving this past year, so that wouldn't necessarily be my challenge experiment of "enough" after reading this book.  Each chapter offers questions to think through and advice on starting your own "enough" experiment. I'm just not sure yet, what my experiment will be, but I like the idea of doing that. He also shares how he and his wife often give up something for Lent. Since Lent is coming up, I'm considering this as well.

I especially like books that challenge you to make life better for you and for others. I have a heart to give and a heart of gratitude for what I do have. For me, this book just helped me see ways to hone those things. . .If you also want to "choose a lifestyle of excessive generosity," then I highly recommend this book. I felt inspired to continue to look at what is enough for us and to give more to others. I purchased this book on my own and chose to review it. It was not a gift from a publisher.


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