Book Review: Rewired by Brandon Cox

I have been on Facebook, Blogger and Twitter for awhile now. . .but lately I wasn't sure how that fit in with God's plan for my life. I wasn't sure how I could use today's technology for good and not just be wasting time on-line. Brandon Cox, founding pastor of Grace Hills Church in northwest Arkansas, shares his view of how Christians can use technology to grow relationships and spread the gospel in his new book, Rewired.

Rewired offers advice for both church leaders and church members on how to use technology in today's world to both grow churches and grow church members in relationship with one another, and with God. I found this book to be helpful in offering advice on using social networks, both in theory and in practice.Cox offers reasons why he thinks Christians should be involved in social media. He also offers advice on the specifics of how to use social media. He asserts it is God's nature to be social and that we should use the latest technology in the best ways possible to be social in the world today. Through the latest technology, we can be sharing Christ's love over the computer in several ways. I especially like that he includes two appendixes: 25 Websites to Help You Learn More and Tools to Make You More Effective and Productive. Both were helpful to me as someone who has done some work on the internet, but has a lot more to learn to be a more effective communicator. This book is probably most helpful to someone who knows nothing about how to use internet resources but it offers something to learn, I think, for those who have been involved on-line for awhile too. Brandon Cox also served at Saddleback Church, with Rick Warren's Pastor's Toolbox, one of the world's largest online communities of church leaders, as well as being an on-line leader for other blogs and websites. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to know how to use the internet to better reach people with the love of Christ, but especially for church leaders looking to create the best tools for their church to use on-line.

I received this book at no charge from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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