Book Review: Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World By Nish Weiseth

Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World by Nish Weiseth caught my eye because of its emphasis on sharing your story. I believe there is truth in her book, our stories can change each other when we open up and share them. I love that Nish shares how much our stories matter. I agree that we need to hear each other's stories more and judge each other less.

Speak is a compilation of blog posts about how we need to share our stories and hear others' stories to create positive changes in each other, our churches and our part of the world around us. I thought she made some good points in this book. I am older, not part of the millennial generation that she is from, but I have a heart for people's stories. I did find some parts of her book to be moving. I appreciate her encouragement to share our stories, to listen to others' stories before judging, and to focus on using our stories and our lives to make changes one person at a time in the world around us.

However, I also found some aspects of this book to be distracting to me. . .at the end of each chapter, there are comments from others who have read her blog posts that she shared in the book. I just found that distracting. While I have read other books that were blog compilations, this one felt like it more because of that. . .and for me, it took away from the book. I felt like I should have just gone to her blog and read her posts. For me, it took away from the book and I am not sure I would spend money on something I was reminded I could go and read on-line.

I received this book from the publisher at no cost to me. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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