Book Review: Your Family In Pictures by Me Ra Koh

I received a new digital camera for my birthday last year. . .which I love. I know, I know. . .cell phones take pictures too. . .but mine doesn't very well. The camera I got came with some bells and whistles so I wanted to learn to take better pictures with it.

I appreciate that Your Family In Pictures offers photo ideas for use with your family with clear instructions. While I don't think I necessarily need to make my picture just like the author's, I did want to be able to construct some good photos at celebrations and holidays. I felt this book offered me the tools I needed to do just that. It offers basic ideas for setting up better photos if they are planned and it offered tips for photos during a general holiday. For example, how to get a better photo with fireworks in the sky or how to show more romance at Valentine's Day in your picture. This book offers both practical guidelines for camera settings and it offers creative ideas for making your photos more special. I liked that it offered both. I found all of the instructions to be easy to use.

I would encourage anyone to get a copy of this book that is also a beginning photographer. The author has that audience in mind so I'm not sure a more professional photographer would glean as much helpful information. It offers complete instructions and ideas for 40 photo recipes that pretty much anyone can follow.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books. I was not required to write a positive review.


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