Book Review: Make It Happen by Lara Casey

This bright beautiful book is not just a reader. Make It Happen is a book to write in, make notes, and highlight to learn from Lara Casey. In fact, writing in a notebook or journal alongside the book would be useful. This is the kind of book that I really prefer to have a hard copy of to mark up but it is available in an electronic version as well.

Make It Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live On Purpose offers Lara Casey's story of how she started living a fulfilling life for God. While I won't post any spoilers here, I will say it wasn't a perfect path. But that is what I love about Lara's story. She shares from her heart, is real and honest about the hard things she faced and how they ultimately changed her course for the better in the end as she realized what was most important.

While Lara shares her story in this book, she also shares how you can turn your anxiety, fear, imperfections, drive and dreams into a story that involves you living your own life of purpose for God. She shares in the beginning of how you can start anywhere in the book and read. The first three parts involve her sharing her story and the reader engaging in some questions for themselves. Then Part 4 involves the reader using that section mainly as a workbook to find the path they want to take.

If you are searching for your path, I think this book could be a helpful tool for finding it. I also, think it would be great to do this book with a good friend or mentor or a small group for more feedback. I thought I might be to old for this book, but as a middle aged woman, I found the material helpful in learning to dream again and put the past behind. I intend to do more of the workbook sections along with my journal as I decide what course to take next for myself.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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