Book Review: A Good Food Day by Marco Canora

Marco Canora is a chef by trade. A Good Food Day is his 2nd cookbook, with his first being, Salt To Taste. I confess I haven't tried his first book but after using this one, I am going to look for it. Canora offers this answer to, What is a good food day? Marco says it is a day when feeling well and eating well go hand in hand.

Canora used to live the fast and busy life of a chef. He stayed out late, drank too much caffeine, smoked and didn't make the best food choices. He is still working as a chef, except these days he is taking better care of himself. In this book, he shares how he came to change all of that after facing some health issues. I appreciate his down-to-earth approach to cooking and eating healthy. As part of what he has learned, he shares his 10 principles for a good food day that makes good sense to me. 

The photos in this book are gorgeous and just made me want to try the recipe. I know I will use this book more when it is summer and garden season in here in the Midwest. In the meantime, I enjoyed his recipe of Garlicky Brussels Sprouts. Canora also gives little tips with his recipes that chefs may know but an average cook may not. For example, along with this recipe, the garlic should be put in the pan in cool oil to infuse the flavor better and to prevent it from burning. I did not know this. He offers recipes for most every type of meal, and has some great breakfast recipes among them. I had not tried adding cooked steel cut oats to breakfast shakes but it makes sense to me. His recipes of Pear-Maple Oatmeal Shake and Cherry-Vanilla Oatmeal Shake are my list to try next since I enjoy both shakes and oatmeal for breakfast. 

I recommend this book for both the basic health information shared by Canora as you consider making your own dietary changes, for delicious fresh whole foods recipes and for the beautiful photographs. It is a keeper for me. I also find that most of the ingredients are readily available to me in the Midwest. 

 I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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