Book Review: The Big Book of Hormones published by Siloam

As a woman in her perimenopausel years, I have had some questions and concerns regarding some hormonal changes in the past couple of years. I thought The Big Book of Hormones would be helpful in giving me some answers. 

The Big Book of Hormones offers a comprehensive look at female hormonal changes through the years, from being a young woman through the postmenopausal years. I felt it was part textbook, part medical/nutritional guidance book and part Christian encouragement. 

The cover of this book states that it offers "survival secrets to naturally eliminate hot flashes, regulate moods, improve memory, lose weight, and sleep better." This book explains in depth the hormone types, what they do for you, changes you may experience and ways to improve your hormonal balance. The Big Book of Hormones also helps women consider ways to improve their health in general related to breast health, diet, exercise, heart health and better sleep. While the cover sounds like all of the options the book discusses will be natural, there is also a lot of discussion in the book about hormone replacement therapy and some discussion about medications for certain issues, along with the risks and benefits of using either medications or natural therapies. There is a lot of food for thought.

This would be a good book for a woman to read just prior to the perimenopause years as it offers a good amount of general information and an overview of menopausal hormonal changes. I didn't learn a lot that was new to me as someone who has been through a lot of hormonal changes already but it was a good refresher. I also appreciated the Christian aspect of this book. Each chapter ended with a related verse on the topic covered. Some chapters offered Biblical advice on how to look at certain aspects of your life changes. I especially liked the end of the introduction section that shared "five ways to pray for your well being." I thought the Biblical aspect was great. 

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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