Book Review: Prayer Quotes by Kevin Shorter

I believe each day I try to pray and to hear God's voice. I take seriously God's Word that says I should prayer without ceasing. (1 Thes. 5:17) However, some days, I get down and I feel I could use some guidance in the area of prayer. Prayer Quotes by Kevin Shorter offers over 2500 prayer quotes to help you think about your prayer life from different angles.

Kevin Shorter's e-book is currently free on Kindle.This electronic book has quotes from over 400 authors arranged topically. The quotes are encouraging and uplifting. However, in addition to the quotes, Kevin Shorter has including articles in the book entitled, Seven tips to a Better Prayer Life, 5 Ways to Find God, 10 Things to Pray for Your Husband and 10 Things to Pray for Your Wife, and several other helpful articles along this line. In the introduction of the book, he shares that he started a blog called the Prayer Coach to help remove the burden of prayer from so many Christians who feel that they don't do enough and want to see improvement in their prayer life.

I found this book to be helpful in my prayer life. I do like seeing all of the encouraging quotes, but I also appreciated the helpful articles too. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their prayer life to get a copy.
 I received Prayer Quotes free on Kindle. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for this book.


Kevin Shorter is a writer and teacher with the focus is leading himself and others into the heart of God the Father. You can join the close to 20,000 that follow him on either the Prayer Coach blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Kevin and his wife started the non-profit, Josiah's Covenant, which aims to create families for Asian orphans and provide them with job opportunities. They currently live in China with their two daughters.

Find Kevin at and


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