Book Review: The Longevity Kitchen by Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson

The Longevity Kitchen by Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson is a beautiful cookbook chock full of healthy recipes. However, this book is more than a cookbook, it is a guide to many of the foods that are voted most likely to help you live longer. 

The Longevity Kitchen starts out with three very important chapters for the reader to use before cooking. The first chapter offers a ton of information by taking a tour through your body and how to care for your gut/liver/kidneys, brain, heart, bones and muscles, immune system, respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system and endocrine system. Don't let  that intimidate you as this book is user friendly and Katz and Edelson make this information easy for the reader to understand.The second chapter lists several of the most healthy foods along with their benefits. The last part of the chapter shares how to tie the body systems together with the foods in the recipes that are in the book to build up your body's health. Chapter three offers more information on how to make the most of this book to improve your health. This chapter also offers advice on preparing to cook if you haven't done much cooking. If you are an advanced cook, Katz encourages you to skip past the getting started section and move on to the longevity tool kit and how to develop your own culinary GPS. 

The recipe chapters include many recipes made with the healthy ingredients that Rebecca Katz encourages you to eat to live longer. I found the recipes easy to read, made with readily available ingredients in my area. I also liked the "Who Knew?" tidbits which offers tips for both food, cooking and health  alongside many of the recipes. Some of the recipes included in the book are: Avocado Lover's Salad, Lemon Chive potatoes, Not your Typical Tabouli, Herby Turkey Sliders, Curried Deviled Eggs, and Insanely Good Chocolate brownies. I also like that each recipe inludes the amount of time for prep, cooking and storage, along with calories and other nutritional information. 

I have two other cookbooks by Rebecca Katz that I enjoyed so I couldn't wait to readThe Longevity Kitchen. I think this one might be my favorite for all of the nutrition information. I also like that Dr. Andrew Weil, MD wrote the foreword for this book as I am a Weil fan. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in cooking healthy foods with nutritious ingredients.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

About the Author:

As the senior chef-in-residence and nutritional educator at one of the country’s leading cancer wellness centers, REBECCA KATZ, MS, is the culinary link bringing together physicians and patients with a common goal: eating well to maximize cancer treatments, minimize side effects, and improve outcomes. She is the founder of the Inner Cook, a Bay Area culinary practice that specializes in meeting the specific nutritional and appetite needs of cancer patients, and a senior chef at Commonweal Cancer Help Program in Marin County, California. Katz has been a guest chef and lecturer at top academic medical centers throughout the country, including the annual Food As Medicine conference.


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