Book Review: Whatever Is Lovely--A Coloring Book for Reflection andWorship from Waterbrook Press

Whatever is Lovely is a beautiful new adult coloring book  that mixes art time with your Quiet Time with God. This color book is geared towards peace and worship time with God. There are 46 coloring pages that all include a contemplative quote from an inspirational writer, beloved hymn, or Scripture, along with decoration  to color with the words. The pictures are all on the front of the page, which I think is different from other color books I have seen, and I like this format. The paper is thick and heavy. I used both colored pencils and markers for the two sample pages that I did and I had no problems with either one bleeding through the pages. With the blank backer pages, I also didn't have to worry about color accidentally transferring onto another picture if it wasn't quite dry..

To help set the mood for worship with creative coloring expression, Waterbrook has included a link to the Whatever Is Lovely playlist on Spotify. I did not have the Spotify app on my Ipad before learning about the playlist with this color book. However, I found it easy to download and easy to find the play list and to get started listening. There were many beautiful contemporary worship songs that did put my in a worshipful mind as I was coloring. I highly recommend downloading the playlist and using it.

While this book is great for using for your own quiet worship time contemplating God, Waterbrook also suggests that this coloring book would be great to use with a group of friends. Invite others over for a coloring night, while sharing and uplifting each other. Sounds like a great idea to me. I also think it would be a nice gift with a pack of coloring pencils for someone recuperating from illness or another type of shut-in because the pictures are especially uplifting.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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