Book Review: Overload by Joyce Meyer

God knows what we need, that is for sure. Since I requested Overload by Joyce Meyer to review, my life started tilting towards "overload" in the stress area. Soon afterwords, I received the book. Overload focuses on practical steps you can take to help you avoid some stress and lower stress that you can't avoid.This book helped me every day this past week as I read a little each day. I would recommend reading it in short chunks so you can absorb the teaching and implement her helps slowly.

I found this book to be both a practical and an inspirational help to me spiritually. Joyce shares stories from her life and from Bible characters to inspire us to handle stress better. She Offers ways for us to lower our stress levels and shares how we can look at our life experiences differently to reduce our mental outlook on the stress in our lives. She reminds us that in our modern world, we all have stress, and they also had stress during Bible times too. Using wisdom from the Bible, we can make a choice to handle our stress better.

Each chapter in Overload concludes with "Things to Remember" and a "Did you know?" fact related to stress. Things to Remember highlights some important ideas shared in each chapter. I think this is a book that I will refer to again and again when stress starts to get the better of me. This area of highlights would help me find what I want to remember quicker as I work to get my stress level down. Joyce also offers a few lists through the book on ways to relieve stress, such as taking a nap, playing with a pet, getting outdoors for awhile and laughing over a funny movie. One chapter also focuses on ways you can attend to your health to keep stress levels lower before they begin to creep up.

I would recommend this practical book to anyone wanting to work through stress issues or avoid some of the stress pitfalls before they begin. Honestly, I think we would all benefit from reading it.

I received this book from Faith Words publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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