How to Live in Fear by Lance Hahn

A lot of people live in fear these days. . .As I visit with people, I think the recent political atmosphere only adds to a lot of people's fears. Even without the national struggles, we all have our own struggles that can be fearful. I had a big struggle with fear several years ago when I had to serve as a witness in a trial. For me that was stressful and cause for some panicky feelings. I wish I had had Pastor Lance Hahn's book, How to Live in Fear, then. Fortunately, I found a counselor to help me through the challenge and Pastor Hahn also shares from personal experience how a counselor has helped him. Besides situational fears, some people have bodies are out of balance somehow and struggle with fear and anxiety that seemingly comes from nowhere.

How to Live in Fear offers a variety of tools to anyone living with panic/fear or for their loved ones trying to help those struggling with fear. This book is divided into three parts. In the first part, Pastor Hahn shares his story of living with anxiety. This section helped me to see where this author really understands the challenges and struggles of someone dealing with anxiety from his own experience. If you need to hear a voice of compassion and understanding, he truly shares from his own experience. The second section offers practical methods for dealing with fear. From medication issues to journaling to exercise, Pastor Hahn discusses a variety of practical ways to help your body with the fears and stresses of life. In the third section of this Christian book, Pastor Hahn shares how we can look to God and the Bible for help in the midst of our fears and struggles. He shares how he has looked to God in the past and how he continues to look to God in the midst of his anxiety struggles.

This book would be a helpful, practical helpful book for anyone struggling with fear and anxiety. Each section offers a different type of help and ties our struggles in to a holistic look at dealing with anxiety. I appreciated each part of the book. This book is also helpful for anyone who has a loved one with anxiety struggles to help understand what they are going through. Pastor Hahn shares how we can sometimes expect those with anxiety to "just get over it." when this is a physical issue in many cases just like other physical illnesses so it isn't that simple. Again, he truly offers a voice of compassion for those struggling with anxiety.

I received How to Live in Fear from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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