Looking For Lovely by Annie F. Downs

I loved Annie Downs first book, Let's all be Brave, so I couldn't wait to read Looking For Lovely. This book was another fast read for me, just like her first book. I enjoyed reading her personal stories as well as the Biblical truths she shared along with them. . .and at the end of most chapters, Downs encourages her readers to think about the lovely in their own lives and to take some sort of action to collect moments that matter of their own.

Looking for Lovely is divided into three sections. In the first section, In the Absence of Lovely, Downs shares some of the difficulties and challenges she faced in her life. In the second section, In Search of Lovely, Downs shares how God met her as she worked to heal from her hurts and looked for God in every area of her life. The Third section, When I Found Lovely, Downs shares how she changed her perspective on life. . .How she doesn't feel like she has to be perfect just because the book is ending here. I enjoyed the whole book, but for me, I especially liked this third section as Downs reminds us that God works in our lives when we let Him in on the process. He will take the broken pieces of us and make them into something beautiful for us and for those to see that we do life with. Downs shares that no matter who we are, God will help us to see the lovely on whatever path we are on when we look to Him and look for it. Since reading this book, I continue to look for the lovely in my own life. I would encourage any woman to get a copy and do the same. There is also a Bible study that accompanies this book so it would be great to do in a group of women.

I received this book from Broadman and Holman Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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