Me Too by Jon Weece

You know that you have found a special friend when you share some of your life's stories and they respond with, "Yeah, me too." Author Jon Weece tells us in his new book, Me Too, that God is a God who understands our difficulties and our pain, our thoughts and feelings. Weece says that He is the God of Me too.

Me Too is divided into three sections. Part 1:The Cross--What Jesus Did, Part 2: The Church--What Jesus is doing, and Part 3: The City--What Jesus will do. In each section of the book, Jon shares stories from his church and his life, relates them to the God of the Bible and ends with teaching you can relate to your life. In the first section we read about the Jesus who lived, walked among us and died for us--and how that can change our life if we will let it. The second section shares how God lives in His people and they are the church wherever they go. In the last section, Weece tells us how we have a heavenly city to look forward to even in the midst of suffering and pain now.

Weece had me from the introduction when he shared this:
"Too many people suffer alone. And most people who suffer alone aren't looking for answers. Most people who suffer alone are looking for a friend--a friend who understands.

Me too friends don't need to talk. There is power in presence. There is power in just being there."

Weece goes on to share how listening may be the greatest form of love and how people need us to notice them and love them. Wow. It sounds so simple and yet I totally agree. Everyone wants to feel loved and understood. I need to ask myself how I can do this for the people I come in contact with daily. I realize then that I am one ordinary person who can make a difference to someone else.

I found Me Too to be easy to relate to. I also enjoyed Weece's stories.  I especially appreciate that this book is not a book of pat answers and trite Christian sayings that don't really seem to touch your heart and leave you feeling emotionally untouched. Instead, Weece had me smiling, laughing and shedding a few tears.   I would recommend it to anyone searching to find the God who says, "me too."

I received this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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