Seize the Day by Joyce Meyer with a review of the Seize the Day StudyGuide

It seems like every day I add more items to my calendar and my to-do lists. At the same time, I feel like I have to keep up with all of my "friends" on social media. After awhile, I feel worn down and overwhelmed. Maybe you feel the same way? Joyce Meyer's new book, Seize the Day: Living on Purpose and Making every Day Count offers practical helps and Scriptural encouragement to commit to living each day for God and leaving that overwhelmed feeling behind.

I especially appreciate how down to earth Meyers is when she writes. In Seize the Day, Meyer acknowledges ways she has failed and grown, lessons she has learned and how God has shown her she can improve daily life by doing life with Him. I just appreciate how "real" she is. I can relate to much of what she shares in the book. I also found the study guide to be so helpful with this book. Each Study Guide section has personal questions along with Bible study questions to help you absorb and grow using what you have learned from each chapter in the book. I found this all to be so helpful to sue along with my Bible reading to get my day started with a better focus. This past week as I used both the Seize the Day book and study guide, I made some changes in my life that will help me honor both God and my use of time each day. Meyers stresses the importance of regularly being in the Bible so that you can learn and grow spiritually every day of your life.

Seize the Day would be a good book to use for either a personal study or a women's group study. I think if I had a group of ladies to do this with, it could be even more helpful as we mutually encourage each other to use our days to honor God. I highly recommend both the book along with the study guide.

I received Seize the Day and the Seize the Day Study Guide from Faith Words/Hachette Book Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the books.


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