Between Us by Vicki Courtney

Between Us is a beautiful 52-week devotional journal book for mom and daughters to use together. The cover and the whole book is quite nice and is larger than I expected. It is nicely bound and the format is well done. There is plenty of space to write a do the activities for each week in a book that could become a special keepsake down the road.

Doing one devotional a week seems do-able in our busy world today. Between Us has a Bible reading, a devotional reading for both Moms and daughters to read, questions to ask moms, questions to ask daughters related to the reading for the week and a small activity that is different every week but related to do the reading that concludes the week's work. There is also a plan of salvation in the back of the book. The weekly readings relate the Bible verses to something both moms and daughters can relate to--having confidence but not boasting, praying and how God answers prayer, sharing salvation with others, what has lasting value in our lives, and many other topics related to walking the Christian life today. I could see these weekly readings and activities helping family members learn more about each other and relate better to each other.

I will be honest, I don't have a daughter to use Between Us with. . .although I wish that I did. I also wish that I could have done something like this with my mom too. Having said that, I have spent some time with a niece and I think this book is right on target in how it addresses issues in talking between a tween and her mom. I have a son and I wish I could do something like this with him or he could do something like this with his dad. I think it would create more unity of spirit as we go forth to face cultural challenges in our world today. Moms and daughters that do use Between Us could build their relationship up with each other and with God. Then I am sure that would spill over into all of the lives each of them touch in a week.

I received this book from Broadman and Holman publishers. I was not required to write a review in exchange for the book.


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