Faith That Sticks Colorable Scripture Stickers from Tyndale

This week, Tyndale released a line of colorable stickers to use for journaling, scrapbooking or any other craft where you might see a use for these.

I like the idea of colorable stickers. These designs are quite nice, as are the words on the stickers. I will use them in my journaling Bible or my journal. My only complaint is that I wish the designs were larger to color. At the least, I wish a few of the designs had larger areas to color. I needed to use my fineliner markers or especially sharp colored pencils to color the designs. Someone with especially good eye sight and better skills than I have may have no problems. I understand they are stickers so need to be smaller than a coloring book page but I think the lettering could have been a little larger for me. Still, I love the designs and the words so I would recommend them but  you do need to keep in mind the designs are quite small.
I see the stickers are available at most places that carry Tyndale products: Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, Family Christian Stores and more. They retail for 2.99 and there are two sheets of each design per package. Also, as a plus, these are made with acid-free paper.

I received these stickers from Tyndale. I was not required to write a review.


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