NIV Holy Bible for Girls Journal Edition

The NIV Holy  Bible for Girls Journal Edition has a beautiful turquoise cover design with a pink band. It is also currently available in a pink colored design that is like the turquoise cover. The cover slip say this Bible is designed to let you "reflect on God's Word and add your own thoughts, art, and color to favorite verses." It encourages girls (and women) to "curl up in a cozy spot and spend time with the Word."

Besides the beautiful cover, I like the dark print and heavy paper of this Bible. When I was a younger person, we weren't encouraged to write in books and I didn't know you could really write in your Bible until I got older. I like that this Bible encourages young women to spend time in the Bible, underlining verses, and writing out thoughts. Today, I like that we also encourage art work in the margins of Bibles. As a creative person, I just get excited about creating with God and His Word. Again, I wish this was something that was encouraged when I was younger. While this Bible is marketed to young women, there is nothing in this Bible that is age restrictive. This Bible is plainly the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible with wide margins to mark up in ways that are between the reader and God. The front of the Bible also has a pretty presentation page that matches the cover, a preface and a table of weights and measures along with the text.

I plan to use this NIV Holy Bible for my own use as a journaling and art journaling Bible. I highly recommend it to both young women and women of any age that would like to use this Bible to get closer to God.

I received this Bible from Zondervan. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the Bible.


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