She Believes by Debbie Lindell with Susy Flory

Debbie Lindell is a women's speaker who serves alongside her husband John, Lead pastor, at James River Church in Springfield, MO. Lindell has a down-to-earth approach to sharing God's Word and how to live the Christian life to uplift women of all ages.

She Believes is uplifting and offers a lot of advice and encouragement to women wanting to live the life God created them to live. This book is divided into 5 sections: Believing you were designed on purpose, Believing changes your heart, Believing affects your mind and spirit, believing makes being together even better and believing is for your future. In each of these areas, Lindell shares wonderfully uplifting stories from her life, the lives of other Christian women she knows and the Bible. In that mix, she shares from her heart how God has spoken to her and used her. Through her shared stories, I felt uplifted and encouraged. When I read She Believes, I feel like God can use me--and you too. Lindell helps women believe that God does have a purpose for each one of our lives and that we can make a difference. I think that is something we all want to believe in our heart.

I recommend She Believes to any woman who wants to truly believe that God is involved in each of our lives and can use us all in any place we are in life to make a difference to those around us, no matter what our position in life is at the time.

I received She Believes from the publisher, Revell Books. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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