Knowing Jesus: The Essential Teen 365 Devotional from Broadman and Holman Publishing Group

Knowing Jesus:The essential Teen 365 Devotional offers teenage students a path to knowing Jesus every day of the year. The 365 devotions offer Scriptures and action points that focus on the complete life of Jesus.

Knowing Jesus for teens is one that will make the reader think. Each daily devotion offers a Bible reading for the day that will need to be looked up in a Bible separately. There a few notes on the concepts that were a part of the reading. Then, there is an "Ask Yourself" section which includes two or three questions to stop and think about from the reading. Each day's reading concludes with the "Respond" section. In this section, readers are asked to stop and think about how to apply what you read in some way. Several days ask for the reader to journal their answers.

I think Knowing Jesus is an excellent tool for learning more about the Bible and applying it to life. It really is designed to help teens change their lives as they read, grow and learn more about His life. It would be a helpful quiet time book for my teenager as he studies his Bible and starts the new year. At the same time, along with this devotional, the reader will need a Bible and and a journal (could simply be a plain notebook) to get the most out of the reading for each day. I also think this would be a good devotional to use with teens as a family discussion, which is what I think we will do as we start the new year.

I received Knowing Jesus from Broadman and Holman Publishing Groups. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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