Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe

I think most women want to have beautiful skin. We just don't know how to always get it. Many times, we change our soap or our external care, when we really need dietary changes to make a difference. Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe was written to help you nourish your skin both inside and out.

To start with,  Eat Beautiful is divided by the seasons. When Rowe lived in Paris for 4 years, she said she learned to eat with the seasons which made a big difference in how she looked at and felt. With in each seasonal chapter, there is information on ingredients representing each season, such as asparagus, leafy greens, radishes and spinach for spring. Each ingredient is described with nutritional information and how the ingredient could be beneficial to your skin and other aspects of your health. Following the ingredient descriptions within each seasonal chapter are various recipes that could be used for that season. All of the recipes have beautiful color photographs accompanying them.

In the back of Eat Beautiful, Rowe has included recipes for do-it-yourself beauty treatments. Recipe examples include magnesium foot scrub and rosewater toner. Rowe then lists several skin conditions and offers advice on how you could help those conditions holistically. She also offers advice for taking care of your skin in the sun. Rowe then offers a section called, Nature's pharmacy where she lists various natural herbs that one could use to help skin conditions. The last small section is a guide to nutrients where Rowe lists how various nutrients help the body and also what foods would be the best sources of those nutrients. Eat Beautiful also has a nice, complete index to find things quickly that you are trying to reference.

I think this is a great reference book for someone who wants to take care of the skin naturally and holistically. I can see pulling Eat Beautiful off my shelf and referencing it seasonally or when facing certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to care for their skin and their body holistically.Rowe stresses that diet, exercise, stress, and skin care all work together to make a difference in how your skin looks. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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