Loveable by Kelly Flanagan

I don't know you, but I imagine you aren't much different than I am. I know I have struggled to feel like I am enough and like I matter, or what I do matters, on many days. Dr. Kelly Flanagan helps us take our lack, look at it, and then turn it aroundinto thoughts that encourage help us see that we are indeed "loveable."

Loveable by Kelly Flanagan invites us to see our lives as a story with backstory and three acts: You are Enough, You are Not Alone and You Matter.  Dr. Flanagan weaves his own stories and stories of others he knows into this book to help the reader learn better how to grow in their own life and to apply Dr. Flanagan's wisdom to their life. I would also add that while there are some references to God and church, there aren't a lot of Bible stories in the book to refer to. In some ways this is more of a series of memoir-style essays tied together with Loveable's theme. It is also a little like going to long-distance therapy where Dr. Flanagan's brokenness, compassion and honesty is shared with the client so they can learn and grow through their own brokenness.

Before reading Loveable, I was not familiar with Dr. Flanagan. He is a psychologist, blogger, husband, father and has appeared on the Today Show for writing a letter to his daughter that went viral. I enjoyed this book. Having taken two Brene Brown classes, his work is along the same lines in dealing with shame and feelings of adequacy. Yet, his book is entirely different to read and I learned new things through his writings. I also felt his warmth and I enjoyed seeing some of his perspectives from the male viewpoint. I would recommend Loveable to anyone wanting to see their worthiness and grow through their shame and challenges into seeing themselves as a person who is learning to love themselves, is loved by God and who is loving others who are also valued by their Creator.

I received Loveable from Zondervan. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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