Mind Over Meds by Andrew Weil, MD

Every day we see countless advertisements for medications. We go to the doctor and expect that we will leave with a prescription that will make us better. But do all of these drugs really make us better? Dr. Andrew Weil in Mind Over Meds helps readers make informed decisions on medication use.

Mind Over Meds goes through most of the commonly prescribed medications in the United States: antibiotics, statins, medicine for Gerd, antihistamines, cold/flu medicines, sleep aids, steroids, psych medicines for adults and children, and several other categories of popularly used medications both over-the-counter and prescribed. Dr. Weil also writes chapters on over-medication for children and over-medication for the elderly. The last chapter of the book covers medications with a pharmacist, whom Dr. Weil says is an underutilized medical person in the management of medications. All of these chapters were written with other medical personnel who specialize in these areas since Dr. Weil says he is not an expert in each of these areas.

Mind Over Meds could be used as a reference book by reading just the areas that apply to the reader's situation or it could be read straight through like I did. I learned a lot by reading this book and I know I will also use it as a reference book based on that knowledge.

I'm not one that likes to take medications but I think there are times it is necessary to do so. I am also an Andrew Weil fan having read most of his books and followed his anti-inflammatory diet. I like that he is an integretive medicine doctor and works with patients from a holistic perspective and I wish more doctors followed this model. I found Mind Over Meds to be quite interesting. I like that Dr. Weil writes in layman's terms and his books are easy to understand and apply. I would recommend this book to every one to have as a reference and to make informed choices should the need arise either in your own situation or to help your children or elderly parents.

I read an advance reader's edition of Mind Over Meds through Net Galley and Little and Brown publishers. I also purchased a hard copy of this book to keep for future reference.


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