Never Enough? by Ron Blue with Karen Guess

It is no secret that money management can be a challenge for many couples. In Never Enough?, Ron Blue and his daughter, Karen Guess, share how even though money and life are "inextricably linked" creating some challenges, you can apply the wisdom in this book to keep your finances at your best with God.

To start with, Blue/Guess offer 5 wise principles anyone can use to mange their finances in the best way. Then, using a pie diagram, they share how to basically divide your money into four categories: Live, the money I live on; Give, the money I give away; Owe, the money I pay for Debt and Taxes; and Grow, the money I save. The Never Enough? authors then break down these categories and further explain them to learn how to apply them to real life. Also, at the end of each chapter, there is a short re-cap so the reader can easily remember the most important principles. Never Enough? is down to earth in style and is written in such a way that it is easy to understand. There are also many real-life examples from people who applied the principles in this book ,which are especially helpful and encouraging.

I know this probably makes me weird but I like to read financial books. I always learn something new that helps my family and I manage our money a little better. Also, books like Never Enough? offer me encouragement to keep doing what I know God wants me to do in spite of a world that offers other directions.  Never Enough? is honestly a good book to help learn the basics of managing your finances in a godly way. I also found it to be helpful in continually reminding me to pray about finances and my life and then proceed.

Ron Blue is a seasoned financial advisor with a long list of experience in helping others handle their finances. His daughter, Karen Guess, has been working with him for the last 8 years to write and create financial content. I especially appreciated how positive and upbeat this book was. It also had a tone of encouragement through the book in reminding readers that they can follow God and live each day making the most of the financial situation they currently have while adhering to basic money principles. I would recommend Never Enough? to anyone and everyone looking to improve their financial situation from a Christian perspective.

I received Never Enough? from Broadman and Holman Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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