The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional by Laura James andKatara Washington Patton

The Parables of Jesus coloring book devotional is unlike any other Christian coloring book that I have seen. Besides containing a devotional, this book also contains pictures that are a modern artist's rendition of Bible stories. They remind me of some of the beautiful stained glass windows that I have seen at some old churches with their bold lines and beg to be filled with bright colors.

The devotionals in this coloring book all contain a Bible verse(s)followed by reflections on the verses for each devotional and concluding with a prayer or a closing thought/activity/question related to the verse. Because this book contains parables from Jesus, as one would expect, the readings are all from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This large, beautiful book roughly measures 10 inches square and contains 46 illustrations that correspond with each devotional. For coloring purposes, each picture is done on heavy paper with a blank back side making it nice to use for various mediums that you wish to work with. I still prefer colored pencils but I know other people like to work with markers or water colors. This book could work for those mediums with pulling out the page or putting protection behind the picture you are working on.

The Parables of Jesus coloring book would be a nice book for any creative person to use for their devotional time with God. I highly recommend this book for those who would like something different to color and study.

I received this Parables of Jesus coloring book from Hachette Book Group/FaithWords. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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