Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler

Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler invites women to pray with more confidence, boldness and grace, as the cover says. However, Detweiler also says that this book is a book inviting readers to be real with God and to receive his Strength and healing where it is needed through prayer and conversation with Him.

This first part of Women Who Move Mountains has 21 chapters about learning to pray more intimately with God. This book has guidelines to go through the book yourself or to be a part of a women's study group. The odd-numbered chapters explain how to transform your relationship with God and share stories of women today and in the Bible who "moved mountains" with their prayers. The even numbered chapters show how to apply those prayer principles to your life. Detweiler suggest journaling in answer to the personal questions she asks at the end of the chapters. She also includes a downloadable prayer journal through her website.

The second part of Women Who Move Mountains is a resource guide to help readers spend 21 days reflecting, praying, and listening to God. She encourages readers to journal, meditate on the Bible, read the daily devotional and to pray aloud the included prayer and to make a brief declaration to God out loud to further solidify your intentions with each day. Detweiler also lists guidelines for taking a personal retreat to get the most out of it and also includes guidelines for fasting during the retreat, if that is your desire to further your spiritual breakthrough.

Women Who Move Mountains has clear instructions and guidelines for learning and growing in God and His Word. The stories accompanying the guidelines are all helpful. I wish the author had a bit warmer, more conversational tone to her writing but otherwise it is a very helpful book for those wanting to grow through prayer and study. She sounds like a teacher--and she is. Detweiler is a radio host and pastor with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry and education. She is well-qualified to teach through this book and has a lot to offer those who want to learn and grow.

I received Women Who Move Mountains from Bethany House. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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