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Bringing Maggie Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Bringing Maggie Home is the latest novel from Kim Vogel Sawyer. I have read several of her books and this one ranks as one of her best books yet.

Ten-year-old Hazel DeFord was picking blackberries with her 3 year old sister, Maggie, in 1943. She momentarily turned away from her sister and Maggie disappeared. Despite searching for many hours, no one found little Maggie. Years later, Hazel is haunted by guilt and anxiety from that awful incident. Her parents told her never  to talk about her sister again, so she didn't. Hazel married and raised a daughter, Margaret Diane. Her daughter has a daughter named Meghan. Meghan is in an traffic accident that forces her to take a 6 week leave of absence from her job and 3 generations of women find themselves all together. Together they uncover Hazel's secret. But can they solve this family mystery and find out what happened to Maggie?

I genuinely enjoyed Bringing Maggie Home. Sawyer writes beautiful prose that keeps the reader turning pa…

The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton

The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton is more than just a book. It is a book, Bible study, work out program, and healthy-eating plan all rolled into one eight-week journey program.

The Wellness Revelation starts with an introduction by with Keeton explaining how she got involved in fitness, how she turned her life over to Christ, and how readers can best use this book. The book could be used with a group, alone or with a trained Revelation Wellness instructor. Each of the eight weeks takes you on a journey of holistic fitness as you renew your mind, body and spirit to better serve God. Each week's study includes the chapter of explanation on the focus of the week, a Bible study, questions to relate to and to help you to better do the program, a prayer and a real-life story of how this program has made a difference to someone. In addition to all of the help and encouragement the book has to offer, there are additional helps available on the corresponding website on line.

I though…

The Assault (Harbingers Cycle 2) by Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, AngelaHunt, and Alton Gansky

The Assault is the second installment in the Harbingers series. The series begins with The Invitation, where all of the characters (The Professor, Andi, Tank, Brenda and Daniel) are introduced as they work as a team to fight an unknown evil. Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky each write a novella within each book in the series. This book is every bit as exciting as the first installment.

Bill Myers starts out with The Revealing. The team is in Rome at the Vatican searching for a mystical spear that Hitler once stole. As a side note, I looked up the history on this and found it all to be quite interesting along with this novella, which is based on some truth about the spear.

Frank Peretti then tells about the Infestation--a microscopic plague that is spreading through the world to kill humankind.The team has to identify what this substance is, how it works, and try to figure out how to stop it.

Angela Hunt writes about the Infiltration through the eyes of Andi. T…

The NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible in Large Print

Reading my Bible and journaling at the same time helps me to process better what I am reading and allows me to use my creative side. The NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Large Print Bible allows all of those things to happen for me: reading my Bible, blank space to journal and pictures to color. Best of all, Large Print means this beautiful Bible is printed in a 10-point type size for easy readability.

The Beautiful Word Large Print Coloring Bible measures about 9 3/4 by 7 3/4 inches. 

The NIV Beautiful Word Bible is also done in a thicker white paper so artwork and journaling are less likely to bleed through. It also has a gorgeous floral fabric cover.

Coloring Page with space on one page to journal or create your own picture and the other side with a coloring picture.

Beautiful Full Spread Coloring Page in the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible
Three Large Print Journaling Bibles side by side: The Inspire Large Print Edition from Tyndale House Publishers in New Living Translation, The B…