Unseen by Sara Hagerty

In a world that is full of selfies and people clamoring to be both heard and seen, it is hard to feel like one who is noticed, let alone actually seen. In Unseen by Sara Hagerty, she shares how we are seen by God even when it feels like we are not seen by anyone else.

Unseen is Hagerty's intimate look at how God sees us and our productivity when we feel like we aren't doing anything valuable. We may feel we are wasting away somewhere but those may be the times we are reading His Word and drawing closer to Him. God wants to be our friend and to be friends we need to spend close time together. Weaving stories of her life and stories from Scripture, Hagerty shares how God sees us, how we can communicate with Him throughout the day, and how to hear His Voice more loudly among the sea of voices around us. Each chapter also invites readers to dig deeper into God's Word and read verses related to the chapter in a section called, For Your Continued Pursuit. I honestly felt encouraged to study more on my own and to continue to grow closer to the God who made me. In Hagerty's words, "I invite you to use these passages as starting points for hiding in God, for wasting time adoring Him, and for making His Word part of your everyday language." I especially liked this.

Unseen has touched me in some deep places. My weary soul has alternately sipped and gulped her words up. I could relate to so many of her feelings and stories even though my life is much different than hers. My word for this year is "Delight." Unseen reminded me that God delights in me and why I delight in Him. Hagerty refreshed my spirit that has been hidden in work and difficult challenges these past few years and I have soaked it all up. Hagerty's words to her daughter about Psalm 18:19 on pages 152-154 were also meant for me (and you) and I have read them and re-read them. Hagerty's gentle words, stories and sharing of Scripture felt like just the encouragement I needed but don't hear much right now. If you are looking to draw closer to God, be seen by Him and to hear His voice, I encourage you to read Unseen. Hagerty points us to Him throughout the book and helps the reader hunger for that Unseen time alone with God.

I received Unseen from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for this book.


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