Rhinestones on my flip flops by Jane Jenkins Herlong

We all go through times of change. Everything is going along great and then all of a sudden, it isn't so great. In Rhinestones on my flip-flops, Jane Jenkins Herlong writes to encourage us to make the most of the flops and choose joy in the midst of them.

Throughout Rhinestones on my flip-flops, Herlong mixes stories of Biblical women with stories from her life to help women see how to apply the Bible to today's life. She reminds women of the Bible stories of Eve, Martha and Mary, Esther, Sarah, Mrs. Lot, Naomi and Ruth, Mary the mother of Jesus and more. Each chapter is a mix of humor, wisdom, and encouragement to live a better life each day then you did before. According to Herlong, "Rhinestones on my flip-flops shows women how to thrive in the midst of life's changes and challenges." She reminds us that change is always happening in our lives and we should add some sparkle and shine to our"flip-flops" and make the best of them.

I enjoyed Herlong's sense of humor and laughed out loud a few times while reading Rhinestones on my flip-flops. Each chapter of this fairly short book contains entertaining stories, some Biblical wisdom and some uplifting encouragement that could be applied during difficult times. I think this uplifting book could be encouraging to women of all ages and situations in life.

I received this book from Faithwords/Hachette Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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