Life-Changing Miracles compiled by James Stuart Bell

Sometimes life just goes along in ordinary ways. Then we start to think that miracles are something that just took place in the Bible. However, God is still in the miracle business today and this book has real-life stories to remind people of that fact.

Life-Changing Miracles compiled by James Stuart Bell is a compilation of 37 true stories of regular people experiencing miracles of all kinds. These stories are about people who have overcome disease, injuries, temptations, dire situations and unbelief. In each story, someone shares how God worked through a challenging situation to bring about some sort of miracle. Sometimes the miracle was a really big thing and sometimes it was someone experiencing a change of heart. However, all of them are indeed miracles just the same.

I enjoyed reading these stories. While I read Life-Changing Miracles straight through, it is one of those books that you could just pick up and read an uplifting story now and again too. Honestly, some of the stories just stretched my faith to believe that they happened and other stories uplifted me with the reminder that God is still working. Life-Changing Miracles would be a good gift book for someone else who needs that reminder.

I received Life-Changing Miracles from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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