Live the Let-Go Life by Joseph Prince

Many of us are struggling with stress, worry and anxiety with so many challenges in our world today. In Live The Let-Go Life by Joseph Prince, Prince uses Scripture and other stories to help readers learn to live free from stress, worry and anxiety and find a more fulfilled life in Christ.
Some of the chapters in Live the Let-Go Life are: Just Look at the Birds, The Rhythm of Rest, Tune In to Peace, Above All Things, Guard Your Heart, Becoming a Person of Rest, and Stress-Free Parenting. Each chapter looks at Scripture related to the topic and Prince uses stories to illustrate how God has worked in other believer's lives.

As a whole, I found Live the Let-Go Life to be uplifting and encouraging to me as I seek to live for God and deal with the every day stresses of life. I think there would be helpful information in this book for most people. Prince does encourage me to look to God as I face struggles versus giving in to worrying. However, if I am honest, I had some mixed feelings about Prince sharing some of the stories that he shared because it sounded like one had to listen to his sermons to really gain a blessing from the Lord. I doubt if he meant for it to come across this way. I am not usually a listener of Prince as we don't get him in our area on television, but I believe this book also goes along with a sermon series of the same title. In the back of the book, Prince lists the audio messages that correspond with the chapters so readers can listen to corresponding material in podcasts, and that may be helpful if you aren't a regular listener. If you are a regular follower of Prince, I am sure you will enjoy Live the Let-Go Life.

I received Live the Let Go Life by Joseph Prince from Faithwords/Hachette Book Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.


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