Defeating Dementia by Dr. Richard Fuhrman

I watched my paternal grandfather go through dementia and I know how heartbreaking it is for loved ones. As a result, Defeating Dementia by Richard Furman looked interesting and helpful as someone who doesn't want to follow in my grandfather's footsteps.

Dr. Furman has been a vascular surgeon for more than thirty years. He draws on his expertise to write Defeating Dementia. At the same time, he watched his mother-in-law go through dementia so he also writes as one who has witnessed the challenges of the disease in a loved one. Defeating Dementia is divided into four parts: Understanding Dementia, The Aging Process and the Health of Your Arteries, The Risk Factors for Developing Alzheimer's, and Lifestyle Choices for Defeating Dementia. This book is straightforward and written so a layperson can easily understand the process and how to prevent the disease. Throughout the book, he also shares a sidebar of his mother-in-law Mrs. Dell's experience with dementia.

I found Defeating Dementia to be interesting and easy to read. I thought he presented the facts quite well. My only concern is that he tends to push just one way of doing things as the best way. He suggests jogging for the best exercise, for example. Not everyone can jog with previous leg injuries, like me. However, I can bike and swim. I have seen recent studies that show that this exercise forms also improve cardiovascular health. I wish he had mentioned more about this. Some of his information on diet seems to me to be outdated. I have seen recent studies that show eating eggs does not raise cholesterol and yet he suggests avoiding eggs. He does recommend the Mediterranean Diet but suggests one be more strict than that diet and never eat red meat or cheese. He is quite strict in his regimen and I am not sure some of my loved ones would adhere to his plan. Outside of the eggs, I already follow much of his dietary advice myself, although I also find organics to be important too and he makes no mention of this. Outside of these concerns, I found the rest of the book to be quite informative and to offer good solid advice. I especially liked the side bar and following a patient through the stages. I would recommend the book as a whole with the concerns that I mentioned on the diet and exercise information.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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