Tailor Made by Alex Seeley

From the time that Alex Seeley was young, she was told that she was "an accident." She also wore other labels that defined her in negative ways until she learned that through God she was Tailor Made.

Seeley was born and raised in Australia. She shares her story throughout Tailor Made from the time she was young until now. She shares how God helped her see that the labels she grew up with--stupid, ugly, unsuccessful, an accident--were not the labels that God wanted her to wear. Instead, she shares how God helped her see that in His eyes she was His unique child and created in His glory.Through her story and her encouragement, she helps the reader to see that they are also uniquely created and special to God.

I was also told lies about who I am that I believed. Honestly, sometimes I still struggle with those beliefs coming back to haunt me. Seeley's book is a good reminder to me that God does care and I am uniquely designed by Him. Tailor Made would be an encouraging book for anyone who is struggling at times with insecurity and a positive identity in Christ. I highly recommend it.

I received Tailor Made from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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