The Song of Sadie Sparrow by Kitty Foth-Regner

The Song of Sadie Sparrow is the story of three women from three different generations and how they meet through The Hickories nursing home.

We read about Sadie, an 86-year-old widow whose daughter is too busy to come and see her. Even so, she makes new friends with the staff and other residents and settles in just fine. She also learns about the Christian life through a young Bible teacher who visits the home.

Meg Vogel is a recent widow at just 58. She decides to make a career change after her husband passes away from cancer and takes a job at The Hickories writing the biographies of the residents.

Elise Chapelle is a younger woman at 32 and single. She quit her job as a teacher to care for her beloved grandfather, who now lives at The Hickories.

The Song of Sadie Sparrow is told from the viewpoints of these three women a they interact with each other at the nursing home throughout the story. The book is a pleasant read overall, rather sweet and tender, especially if you have an elderly loved one. It doesn't have a fast-moving plot, although there is a bit of a mystery entwined in the story. I liked each of the characters and was interested in the ending. However, I honestly thought the author could have made the book a little shorter and it would have moved faster and been more compelling. I spent two years working at a nursing home so I especially could relate to some of the story. I do think the author did a great job of bringing out life in a nursing home in the story. The Song of Sadie Sparrow is definitely a Christian fiction book and would probably best appeal to Christians and that is the audience I would recommend it to.

I received a copy of this book at no charge from the author through the Christian Women Affiliate's Review Crew. I was not required to write a positive review.


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