Pull It Off by Julianna Zobrist

Be yourself! We see those reminders to do just that--but then we also feel a pull to be like everyone else in our society. Pull It Off by Julianna Zobrist reminds women that we are all created to be unique individuals and we should indeed, "be ourselves."

Pull It Off has a bit of a different writing style from any other book. Zobrist truly has her own voice in this book. She starts out with an introduction of who she is. She has divided the book into three parts: Authority, Identity, and Security. She wants to help women see where the root of their fears start and how they make decisions based on fear instead of listening to God. Then in the indentity section she reminds women that their identity won't be found in their image or their success. Instead, it will be found in living a life of the purpose God made you for and remembering He approves of you regardless of anything else going on. After remembering that God is in your corner, in the security section, Zobrist encourages women to be secure in His love and who you are enough to make decisions that really matter to you alone. Then, she says you will care less about the things that really don't matter much in this life and instead remain secure in God's love and living uniquely for Him.

I wasn't familiar with Julianna Zobrist before reading Pull It Off. I did think it was neat to read that she is also from Iowa, my home state. I was a bit surprised at the tone of this book in that she is often blunt and to the point. Yet, I liked that too. I wasn't left wondering what point she was trying to get across to me the reader. Sometimes she does say things a bit "in your face." That is maybe how some people need to hear it. I especially think this book will appeal to twenty and thirty something women. I know I could have used this sort of encouragement at that age.

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