You Are Enough by Mandy Hale

I think many of us have wondered at one time or another if we really matter--matter to people around us, matter in our jobs, or matter in the scheme of the life we live. Mandy Hale spent some time wondering if she mattered as well and the result of her wondering and going through life's challenges and depression is the book, You Are Enough.

You Are Enough is mostly a memoir of a time in Hale's life when everything fell apart for her in a short time and she became depressed. She shares how things went wrong, how she dealt with her life, and how she came through it in the end to feel that she truly was enough. At the end of each chapter, along with sharing her story, she has a side-bar of encouragement for the reader. Not to be overlooked, Hale has an appendix in You Are Enough that offers several resources for suicide prevention. For someone who needs this book, this list alone, may be the biggest thing they need if they don't know where to start looking for help.

You Are Enough was an interesting read for me as I always enjoy hearing about other people's lives and challenges through memoirs. At one time, I also went through some difficult challenges in life and could well relate to some of her struggles. I think this book could be helpful to someone else struggling with depression and/or anxiety. You Are Enough is a reminder to someone facing those challenges that they are not the only ones and Hale's encouraging side-bars may be the only uplifting words they hear. At the same time, Hale does write from the point of view as one who has struggled and came through the other side--which is helpful--but she is not a professional. I appreciate that she encourages readers to get professional help if they need it and she shares how she did just that. I would also mention that Hale is spiritually seeking in this book. She looks to God for answers but this isn't a book with a lot of Bible verses and concrete Christian thoughts. I could see that this is all part of the process for her but someone else may be in a different place spiritually and looking for a different sort of book so I point that out. Overall, I think the book is one that could be helpful to someone else who needs to know there is someone else who is struggling too.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.


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