Dear Grandchild, This is Me gift book from Waterbrook

I can't imagine leaving my grandchild something more personal than this book full of all my stories, love and wisdom for them. Dear Grandchild, This is Me is a gorgeous journal or record book of sorts that you can fill with personalized stories and encouragement for your grandchild.

Dear Grandchild, This is Me goes through the seasons of your life as you share wisdom and stories from each season to your grandchild. This book also has places for you to leave private letters to your grandchild to open at certain seasons of their life. There are places for mementos and photos--and mounting stickers included in the back of the book. There is a special section to leave favorite or secret family recipes. There are some places to write fun stories and there are places to write stories of faith. This is a book for your grandchild to cherish and treasure as a truly unique and special keepsake from you. The publisher has truly made this gorgeously illustrated book one that you can personalize in your own way while giving you a blueprint for the basics of doing so.

Dear Grandchild, This is Me would be a great gift for a grandchild to give their grandparent to fill out for them or a great gift directly from the grandparent because they want to leave a written legacy to their grandchild. In my opinion, this is one of the best designed and illustrated books of its type out there. My grandma left me a similar book that I treasure now that she has passed on. I think any grandchild would be thrilled to have their grandparent give them this beautiful book personalized for them. Dear Grandchild, This is Me is the book that I would want to leave my grandchild as I pay it forward if I could--I don't have grandchildren yet.

I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a review. All opinions are my own.


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