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The Most Important Stories of the Bible by Christopher D. Hudson and Stan Campbell

The Most Important Stories of the Bible by Christopher D. Hudson and Stan Campbell lists 75 stories from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in chronological order. I especially like that they are in chronological order and I like that they are divided in to sections: Beginnings, Patriarchs, Noah's Family Becomes a Nation, Kings and Prophets, Stories of Jesus, and Stories of the Early Church. Another really neat feature of this book are the timelines at the beginning of each section linking the major Bible events with major world events. I also like that at the end of each story summary there is an essential truth listed from each story that sums up the main theme of the story.

I found The Most Important Stories of the Bible to be more than just a summary of many of the Bible stories I learned in Sunday School. I also learned better how those key stories in the Bible flowed with the world's history. I was reminded of how those key stories work together to make the Bible as a …

The Girl Behind the Red Rope by Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker

The Girl Behind the Red Rope by Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker kept me turning pages for less than two days. If I didn't need the sleep, I would have liked to have read  this 330-page book straight through!

Grace, her brother Jamie, and her mother all live in a tight-knit religious community hidden in the hills of Tennessee. Ten years ago, Grace and her family saw a terrible scourge unleashed on the world. However, as members of the select few that were set apart, they were kept safe and secure from the rest of the world--as long as they stay behind the red rope. They all did for many years--until Grace's brother begins to have his doubts doubts about things. Around the same time, Grace's dad shows up along with a young boy whom he claims is also Grace's brother--and he asks her to keep him safe. All of this leads Grace to question her whole life and wonder who the real enemy is?

The Girl Behind the Red Rope was a fast paced page turner for me. I found the struggle bet…

May It Be So by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson

May It Be So: Forty Days with the Lord's Prayer by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson is a prayer guide of a different sort. This guide combines images and words about and from the Lord's Prayer to give the user a way to find meaning and spiritual clarity through ongoing language with God.

May It Be So is different than any other prayer book that I have read before. I especially found the "Before you begin" section helpful. The authors have another similar book that they previously published, but I have not read that one. I like how the authors encourage the reader to consider the book in different ways and to use their creativity to make the best use of it. I found this book helped me to slow down and spend time in the Lord's Prayer differently than I have in the past. After you have been a Christian for a long time and prayed the Lord's Prayer so many times, it is easy to get into a rut. I felt May It Be So encouraged me to be more mindful of what I was rea…

Dare to See by Katie Brown

I have watched Katie Brown on her how-to television shows many times over the years. It is always fun to see what she will cook or make but I don't feel like I really knew who she was. However, Brown's new book, Dare to See, gives me so much insight into her heart and soul that I truly kept reading her essays as one would read a novel.

I read Dare to See straight through the book from start to finish but Brown encourages readers to start reading in any order with a story that speaks to your heart. Brown's book is a series of random essays that are based on true stories she experienced throughout her life. She has them grouped under these topics: doubt, hurt, defeat, understanding, love, abundance and hope. Each reading starts with a Bible verse, then Brown shares her story and the reading ends with a small section "For Further Reflection" and  "Put it into Practice." On the back of Dare to See, Brown encourages you to pick a story, read the story, then…

Angels Among Us by Perry Stone

The Bible tells us there are angels that God sends as special messengers throughout the Scriptures. Do they still bring messages today? Do they communicate with people in our modern society? If you have been wondering about angels, Perry Stone has a new book, Angels Among Us.

In Angels Among Us, Stone uses a mixture of Bible verses and stories to tell us how angels reach out to people both today and in the Bible times. Specifically he shares how angels appear in dreams and visions, protect us, act as messengers of salvation, minister to us in death, fight for us in spiritual warfare battles, reveal God's blessings and enact judgment.

Angels Among Us is a small hardcover book at about 4 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches in size. This is a great size to stick in your purse or book bag to read when you get a few minutes. At the same time, if you are a Perry Stone fan you may want to know that this book is a condensed version of his previously published book, This Season of Angels. I also like that…

Daily Readings From Beyond Blessed by Robert Morris

Do you need some motivation to manage your finances--and your life--better? Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed by Robert Morris is a 90-day devotional that is both inspiring and encouraging as you seek to manage your resources in the best way you can.

Each devotional in Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed starts with a Bible verse and then a selected reading from the Beyond Blessed book followed by a prayer to pray. Each reading also closes with the same question, "What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?" I like that question as it makes me close my eyes, stop, think and pray about each reading.

I liked Beyond Blessed a lot when I read it last fall. I especially like that this book breaks that information down and helps me think about each part of the book and how it applies to my life. Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed encourages me to look to God as the source of my finances and to utilized everything a bit better each day as I seek to live for Him. I want to get to the en…

Christmas in Winter Hill by Melody Carlson

After several years in the same location, Krista Galloway decided it was time to move somewhere new and start over with her daughter, Emily. She took a new job as the city manager of Winter Hill, Washington, and starts shortly before the holiday season. She isn't on the job very long before she struggles as she makes some startling discoveries that leave her feeling unwelcome in this small tight-knit community, which is so different from their last home in Phoenix, Arizona. Emily went in to the move hoping for new friends and a chance to see some snow. Will the two find what they are looking for? You'll have to read Christmas In Winter Hill by Melody Carlson to find out.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Christmas In Winter Hill made in to a Hallmark movie. It is a sweet, touching holiday story. It is easy to picture both the decorated small town and the various townspeople, as well as follow the story that you know will end on a happy note. I thought Carlson did a great job…

Your Battles Belong to the Lord by Joyce Meyer

I think many people think that in becoming a Christian their life will be easier. However, it doesn't take long to figure out that we are fighting a battle as we live for Christ. Your Battles Belong to the Lord by Joyce Meyer is a comprehensive look at how we can best live for Christ and fight the enemy in the midst of the battles of this life.

Meyer starts out Your Battles Belong to the Lord with a chapter entitled Know Your Enemy. She then progresses through the book in explaining, with Scripture to back everything up, how we should best live our life as we try to battle against the enemy. She goes in to great detail and covers so many aspects of living the Christian life that this book is one of the most comprehensive that I have read.

Your Battles Belong to the Lord is such a good book to both read and to refer back to when you feel the need to remember Scripture to back up living the Christian life and battling the enemy. One of the first Scriptures she shares in Chapter one …

The Words Between Us by Erin Bartels

I confess I am a sucker for a beautiful cover and this one grabbed me right away. However, Erin Bartels' new novel, The Words Between Us, is every bit as fascinating as the cover.

Robin Windsor has been trying to escape the association between her and her infamous parents ever since they were incarcerated. At that time, she was sent to live with a grandmother under an assumed name through a program to protect her and keep her safe while her high profile parents were tried and convicted. She met Peter Flynt while she lived there. Peter and Robin read through the classics together--until things fall apart and Robin starts running again. However, her love of books continued to keep her grounded and feeling safe, which is why she opened her own bookstore. She feels safe until the morning of her father's scheduled execution when she receives a book from Peter in the mail. What does it mean?

I felt like I was living in The Words Between Us right along with Robin. There is an easy …

Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better: A 52-week Food Journal from Nazima Qureshi, RD, MPH

Electronics are great for many things, but I like to keep track of things on paper. I was excited to receive this Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better 52-week food journal by Nasima Quresahi so that I can visually see my progress and quickly jot down the information that I want to remember.

The Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better food journal starts out with an introduction that includes healthy tips and helpful advice on using the journal to make it a regular healthy habit. It is also breaks down daily, weekly and monthly goals in to segments to make up the year with a place to write measurements every four weeks and to keep track of what your hopes and goals are. Then each week includes the daily places to write meals and easily keep track of water drank, exercise, feelings, sleep and other brief notes. This journal has some positive quotes and encouragement sprinkled through the pages.

I have started using The Eat Better, Feel Better, Live Better Food Journal. I believe it would b…

Chase the Lion Weekly Planner from Mark Batterson

If you are looking for a way to track your goals and dreams--and track your every day life--Mark Batterson's new Chase the Lion Weekly Planner is one tool that would be great for you.

The Chase the Lion Weekly Planner starts with Mark Batterson's manifesto and a letter to the reader. He then details how to best use this planner. The planner is undated and could be started at any time during the year. There is a monthly page with plenty of room to write down appointments or goals on each day's date. Alongside the monthly page Batterson asks a question to help you define your own manifesto by the end of the year. Each 2-week spread starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Again, plenty of space to write as well as side bar sections to help keep track of goals and dreams that you are pursuing. In the back of the planner, Batterson includes a page with further details on writing your own manifesto followed by a black page titled, "My Lion Chaser's Manifesto" to writ…

I Am Redeemed by Mike Weaver and Jim Scherer

If you listen to Christian music, chances are good that you have listened to Big Daddy Weave. One of their biggest hits is I Am Redeemed. In the book I Am Redeemed, Mike Weaver, with Jim Scherer, tells why the song was written and shares his personal story.

Weaver tells the story throughout the book of how he struggled with lies and anxiety coming from the enemy that he had no value. He has struggled with relationship difficulties and his weight as a result of his personal fears and self-loathing. I Am Redeemed chronicles his struggles with his thought life in spite of following Christ. He also shares other challenges that he faced including the illness that almost killed his brother, the loss of his father, and other personal struggles.

I Am Redeemed was in interesting read. I believe this book could be a real encouragement to others who struggles with negative thoughts and weight loss as well as other issues. I could relate to some of what Weaver shared from the times I have struggl…