Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

Writing a story, a poem or a song is hard work. Yes, we may feel called to do one or more of those things but it is still work to answer that call. Andrew Peterson in Adorning the Dark presses in to the creative process and shares some of his insights and his personal life.

Adorning the Dark is part memoir and part encouragement and invitation to the creative process for all of us. He tells about how he has struggled to write songs and music and poetry and even to creative beautiful gardens on his property. He pulls from musicians and writers in the past and present and shares advice and stories that leave you nodding, Um Hmm, yes, that is how it feels, at times.

I would encourage anyone who is a writer or creator in some area to read Adorning the Dark. It is insightful and full of hope and beauty for those who wish to create. At the same time, he also tells it like it is and that it is work to create. As Peterson shares in this book, there are struggles and there are times you feel lost but God can use it all. In fact, Peterson encourages us to tell others in a way that is honest and down-to-earth and then we are certain to touch more lives than trying to put on airs. He writes from his heart and it is inspiring, encouraging and interesting to those of us wanting to write or create in some other fashion. I would encourage anyone to read Adorning the Dark with an interest in writing. While the whole book was good, the Afterword (Nuts and Bolts) section is worth the price of the book alone. If you are familiar with Andrew Peterson's music, books or poetry, it will likely be even that much better.

I received Adorning The Dark from the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.


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